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The rent for the houses where we stayed, were paid by me, the cars that were used to drive the family around the island, were paid by me.

And every time I left, I gave him money, because he was not working anymore.

If he could not stay in Germany he was planning to marry a German woman, in order to get his residence or passport.

I was so upset, that I just simply said to him: “Why don’t you come to Belgium?

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All came from Djerba, were married with women, that were older then they were, some time a lot older.Back home I felt so lonely and all I could do was think about my handsome, young Tunisian.Every day I received many text messages with sweet words, promises, longing, etc……, my heart melted away with all this attention.Soon afterwards I decided to return to Djerba for a few day in November.He arranges a small house for the two of us, where we did spent nearly all our time.

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