Dating the historical buddha part 2

Buddhism is still a popular "religion" nowadays, with millions of people all over the world who practice it.The first step to becoming a Buddhist is understanding basic Buddhist beliefs; this will help you decide if Buddhism is the religion for you.One evening after meditating, Siddhartha announces to Govinda that he will join a group of Samanas, wandering mendicant priests, who have just passed through their city.The Samanas are starved, half-naked, and must beg for food, but only because they believe enlightenment can be reached through asceticism, a rejection of the body and physical desire.To become religious men by the standards of their own community, Siddhartha feels he and Govinda would have to become like sheep in a large herd, following predetermined rituals and patterns without ever questioning those methods or exploring methods beyond the ones they know. Though he loves his father and respects the people of his village, he cannot imagine himself existing in this way.Siddhartha has followed his father’s example with conviction, but still he longs for something more.He suspects that his father and the other erudite Brahmins have learned perfectly everything from the holy books, but he does not believe they have achieved enlightenment.The rituals and mantras they have taught him seem more a matter of custom than a real path that could lead to true enlightenment.

The novel is set six centuries before the birth of Christ, in ancient India at the time of Gotama the Buddha, whose Eightfold Path guides the faithful toward Nirvana.

It also received 105 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Buddhism is the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) about the truth of life and universe that reveals the concepts such as the Four Noble Truths, Karma, the cycle of rebirth (reincarnation), and ways to liberalize ourselves from sufferings and reincarnation.

It is a whole school of teaching called dharma which is much older than the word "religion".

Siddhartha is a young Brahmin, handsome and learned, with the potential to be a prince among his caste members.

Everyone knows he is destined for greatness because he has mastered all the rituals and wisdom of his religion at an early age.

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