Dating trips to russia

Inspite of the best Ladies of the Eastern Europe: the most beautiful and kind, the most gentle, thirsting for warmth and love, Ukraine is a very vivid country, rich in culture and history.

There is much to offer tourists, many lovely sights, traditional sounds and unique smells.

Match your interests — visit your beloved woman and see Ukraine. IMPORTANT: The IMBRA fee is free on basis of the trip package however if you are interested in an Introduction service or a Romantic Date service, the fee should be paid additionally. Besides the Members Questionnaire should be filled out and we also need a scanned copy of your passport along with this questionnaire. For example you can buy flowers, candies, order luxury limo or special romantic candle.

Ua Dreams charges fee to coordinate the meeting with the lady.

If you need assistance with translation from other foreign languages (except for English), please contact our support center for more detailed information. Even if you use 10 minutes of translation service, it will be rounded up to 30 minutes.

Please be aware that translation time does not necessarily start when your lady is present on the meeting.

While visiting Ukraine you will need help of a professional translator / guide.

We have both male and female staff that can help you and your lady with English translation.

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