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It's better, though, when they at least take the time to address the legal aspects. I don't recall seeing any judgement there, just legal breakdown of what she asked.

If your employer becomes concerned about your relationship with a sex offender, your employer could take action -- what action that might be is up to the employer. If you work for a private employer then it is, in most states, up to your employer’s discretion, assuming you do not work for the government.

I can train, just cant go to failure or anything to crazy...

You must be registered and logged in to view this forum and you must have read and agree to abide by the guidelines to post here The most members online over 24 hours was 862, 31st December 2014 at .Know you can get better and you will What are all the tests you had done to find this problem? What I do know about you, is that you are beyond mentally strong, and you will fight through this.I know you will return to normal health and you will still compete regardless.You think a 19 year old MAN fondling a 13 year old CHILD is a "stupid mistake?" Yet you work with children and you don't view this as a problem? I would think there's something in a policy somewhere.

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