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Kind Regards, Rob I don't know that either as I don't know what you did. Insert takes as its first argument a zero-based index of the collection. Once you got passed record 8, you tried to insert an item beyond the length of the collection (e. NET 2.0 Instant Results and Beginning Dreamweaver MX / MX 2004Makes Sense...thank you VERY much! Selected Value) You were not assigning the existing parameters a new value, but you were creating a *new* parameter using the Insert method. Insert(0, "ptype", "Some Value") would insert a new value at the very first position. When I try editing any of the first 8 elements, I'm fine. So, a simple object with just an ID and a Description would give a Count of 2. I tried doing this via the Details View_Item Updating event as: e. Ironically enough..there are 8 fields in the Details View that are "editable" with the ptype being a dropdown in there--the 4th control in the edit view. So regardless as to whether I picked (1, "ptype", 20) or (3, "ptype", 20) or any other number in the first parameter below 8 -- it worked fine.

Selected Value) I thought that this would put the value into Ptype for the currently selected item. So, I thought that if there were 12 records in my detailsview, there would be 12 "newvalues", I thought e. Intelli Sense for New Values might have revealed that: "Gets a dictionary that contains the new field name/value pairs for the record to update" Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars Cheers, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars I actually debugged and even though I had e.newvalues(e.commandargument, "ptype", dropdownlist1.selectedvalue) which translated to (1, "ptype", 20) where 20 is and id to a table value and 1 is the second field (0-based array) of the record which is not ptype---it still passed the right parameters into my object.

I'm using a detailsview with an sqldatasource in the aspx page.

I'm trying to do some pre and post processing on some of the fields - basically to convert a html list to a newline separated list for editing and back to html to store in the database.

Here is my detailsview: I tried adding a label to my page and then once updated Name had been assigned the value of the textbox I tried assigning that value to the label and it printed out the old product name not the one in the textbox.

I can't see anything wrong with the code and it's driving me mad. hi, i think you miss something, try to see the table where you save the value of the fields you entered if it change anything, if it change anything, then you have put some code on your SP that retrieves data after the UPDATE code that you have.

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