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In this project, you can perform all supported operations with Grid View, such as sorting/deleting/adding records, and the unbound column will display proper values. This is because values of the ID column are used as key values. Unbound Expression property to specify and unbound expression. This column is read-only and contains only unique values. Please refer to the Unbound Columns help article for additional information. Value) End If End Sub End Class End Namespace Imports Microsoft. I want to reload the page on aspxgridview_row updating event.I tried response.redirect(""); but it shows /Response.The event handler receives an argument of type Custom Column Data Event Args containing data related to this event.

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List Source Row Index or Custom Column Data Event Args. If you need to get or set specific cell values while handling the Custom Unbound Column Data event, use methods provided by the bound data source. Redirect cannot be called in a Page callback./ So, what is the right method to reload the page on rowupdating event.Note: Iam using gridview with in the gridview (mastergrid and gridview in the detailrow of mastergrid).So, to display a specific value in a cell, you need to pass a corresponding value to the e. Each time a cell needs to be updated, the Custom Unbound Column Data (see Custom Unbound Column Data) event is called. Value parameter based on a processed column and row. This example demonstrates how a simple caching mechanism can be implemented.

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