Divorce telling kids dating Cuckold chatline

So my question is: how have other people dealt with this?

What are the signs that the kids are ready to handle a new relationship?

I've been divorced 12 years and I'm still a single mother.

I made a decision very early on not to have a man parade going in and out of the house in front of my kids. I'm 46 now and I often think it would have been nice to be remarried and have a husband by now, but let's face it... When I do, my kids will be happier for me than anyone.

The last thing the children need is several people popping in and out of their lives.

I've seen children resent their parents and hate ALL potential partners.

Im recently divorced (final as of January 09) and want to date but am scared because of my daughters reaction.

I started seeing someone right after I filed, and the kids found out and it did not go well.

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The only thing worse than being married to him was trying to get away.Therapy can help both parents and children deal with the realities of divorce and learn to respect each others feelings.Take your time...a 10 year marriage can not be easy for the children to get over and it's harder on them because it's natural for children to want mom and dad to be together. its not that bad I have 3 boys an as girl an to tell u the truth it is a long hard road the girls will take along time u an the ex have to inforce or get them to understand which will be hard since they had both for a long period of time that there father an u decided that it was time to go our seperate ways but it doesn't mean that the both of u don't love then but htat u an the ex need to part an there will be other people in both of there lives.My ex was even pretty cool about the whole thing- we talked to them together and tried to be reassuring.Anyways, it all kind of blew over, then my ex told them he is "thinking about dating" (hes actually been seeing someone for a month) and the girls got all uspet all over again.

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