Do looks matter in dating

Some women want Chris Hemsworth and just as many want Tom Hiddleston.

Men, on the other hand, are far more restricted in what we’re allowed to admit we’re attracted to.

In fact, one of the most common selling points to various Pick-Up Artist gurus’ products is the promise that if you follow their secret system, you can attract 9s and 10s without effort, no matter what you look like.

Guys who by their own admission aren’t likely to be appearing in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog – or even Sky Mall, for that matter – want to date women who would be considered “out of their league” and complain bitterly when it’s denied to them.

So it’s not surprising that women feel pressured to pretend – or even convince themselves – that they don’t want what they want. There’s been more ink and pixels spilled over the idea that the only way to date someone hot is to be hot yourself, and just as many people – such as Mr.

Gottfried here – complaining about how that all is.

If she doesn’t resemble a Victoria’s Secret model or Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, then he’s likely to take shit from his friends and peers.

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Similarly, skin-lightening creams are incredibly popular across India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines – having lighter, whiter skin is considered to be more attractive – while plastic surgery minimizing the epicanthic eye-fold is all the rage in Korea.If he doesn’t lust after Kate Upton then there’s just something not nature.Aside from basic signs of physical health – facial symmetry, clear skin, etc – there are no inherent, universal standard of “good looking”. right up until you start reading British papers; ginger-hate has actually led to physical assaults and literally has driven people to suicide.She’s a model (of course), and she worked for a day on some movie with George Clooney.She told me, “I wasn’t impressed with his stardom, and I didn’t think his looks were all that great. If he wasn’t good-looking or famous, nobody would notice his sense of humor.

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