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The default location for all these log files in Windows PE is %windir%.To view a list of options available when using the tool, type mbr2gpt /?Important: this code runs after the layout conversion has taken place, so the operation cannot be undone at this stage.The conversion tool will obtain volume unique ID data before and after the layout conversion, organizing this information into a lookup table.Important After the disk has been converted to GPT partition style, the firmware must be reconfigured to boot in UEFI mode.Make sure that your device supports UEFI before attempting to convert the disk.Specifies the disk number of the disk to be converted to GPT. The mechanism used is the same as that used by the tool SELECT DISK SYSTEM command.Specifies the directory where MBR2logs should be written. If specified, the directory must already exist, it will not be automatically created or overwritten.

/convert - Validates that the selected disk can be converted and performs the actual conversion.

Offline conversion of system disks with earlier versions of Windows installed, such as Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 are not officially supported.

The recommended method to convert these disks is to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 first, then perform the MBR to GPT conversion.

The and files will have the most detailed information about disk layouts, processes, and other information pertaining to disk validation and conversion.

Note: The setupact*files are different than the Windows Setup files that are found in the %Windir%\Panther directory.

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