Dr phils advice regarding sex and dating

Game-playing leaves little room for authenticity and connectedness ad we’re likely to get hung up on keeping score and figuring out who deserves what when. Women and men are equally sexual creatures, equally deserving of sexual gratification and exploration.

If only his philosophies regarding men, women and romantic relationships weren’t so problematic…

**Harvey does say that once we’ve passed the 90 day “probation” period with our partners, we can give it (sex) out “like sandwiches at a picnic.” I imagine some women might find empowerment in that. Harvey doesn’t state this outright, but he’s only steps away. While “real men” will wait for sex, according to Harvey, he asserts that all guys want and will pursue sex as soon as women are willing to give it. (I explored this a bit in my Sex and the Single Girl post.) I know countless awesome men who respect women regardless of their sexual ideals, and many who desire committed relationships as much or equally as many gals.

In his book he writes: “…if you’re giving [sex] to a guy who’s only been on the job for a week or two, you’re making a grave mistake.” He then depicts women who demand that men wait to receive sex as sharp, responsible and lady-like. Associating sex with sluttiness to any degree can tinker with sexual confidence and invite negativity to the bedroom. He also deems men unlikely to take a woman seriously if she “gives it up” early on. Men can’t love as deeply or well as women, Harvey states, which is false, in my opinion.

He’s witty, contagiously upbeat and seems to genuinely care about the issues he addresses in his book and now syndicated talk show.

He runs a mentoring camp in Detroit that strives to “share, teach and demonstrate the principles of manhood to young men, enabling them to achieve their dreams and become men who are strong, responsible and productive,” according to the organization’s website.

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