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Downfall All seemed to be going well under the new regime until July 2017, when, seemingly out of the blue, Ofsted inspectors paid a visit and didn't like what they saw, rating the college 'inadequate'.

Universities and higher education (HE) institutions insulated themselves by negotiating relatively generous £9k a year tuition fees - a maximum promptly adopted as a sector norm.Scots headed here in their droves in the first part of the last century to forge new lives and new farming enterprises.Some of the world's top plant scientists reside here at centres such as John Innes and the Sainsbury Laboratory.Over the ensuing months, management team members at Easton and Otley were put through the proverbial wringer, hosting more monitoring visits than they had hot teas.When the monitors said 'jump', the college jumped, complying with every piece of advice, always keen to ensure that no one could turn around at the end of the process and say: 'You could have done it better.'But despite all this, Mr Atkins concluded the college could no longer continue in its present form and must therefore come up with a plan. The college pulled out all the stops and actively sought potential suitors.

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