English women dating egyptian men

Marriages in ancient Egypt were usually monogamous, but it also was not uncommon for a man of high economic status to have more than one wife.

This was especially true if the mans first wife was unable to have children of her own.

Women in Egypt were believed to be eliminating impure elements during menstruation, and were excused from work and could not enter the restricted rooms of temples while menstruating.

Fertility rituals were used by couples desiring children.

If a woman was not fertile, her husband could potentially divorce her for not producing heirs.

Religious beliefs included rules concerning purification, similar to other religions in the region.

There were working men and women side by side and it is not uncommon to find in the stuff of a women's household other women with administrative titles.

The example for interbreeding, amongst royalty, was set by the gods since Osiris married his sister, Isis.Although it was possible to divorce, it was very difficult.Marriages were usually arranged by parents, who chose appropriate partners for their children.However, Ancient Egypt was a society dominated by men.Women could not have important positions in administration and were also excluded from ruling the country although there are some significant exceptions.

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