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The pup was sleeping on it, and was remarkably resistant to suggestion.Jay and I had hit the floor, but Mabyn Redclover had stood her ground like an idiot, arms crossed, tutting the way Matron used to upon finding ten-year-old Ves reading her book by torchlight well after lights out.We are here on an urgent matter of business.’ ‘We had a guide,’ I added helpfully.A dragon made off with her.’ The woman’s brows snapped down.(I was a well-behaved child most of the time, I swear).It made a cheery sight, in spite of its probable purpose.

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One particularly tall tower rose in the centre, a round-walled construct made from a much paler stone than the rest, and fitted with a variety of peculiar windows, every one of them a different shape from the rest.‘Wait there,’ she grunted, and the vision dissolved.Fashions don’t always advance much once a Dell closes its doors to the outside world.’ ‘Not fluently, but not too badly.’ He visibly shook himself.So, we aren’t going to make much progress with the door if neither of us can speak any of the likely languages.’ ‘Gosh, whatever shall we do.’ I reached out a hand and rapped politely upon the wall.

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