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The breadth of topics on which an ENFP can talk can seem overwhelming during a conversation with an INTJ. The ENFP can gain structure and an understanding of how to apply logic and rationale when the INTJ offers their insight into the topic at hand.

This can benefit the ENFP hugely, creating order out of what sometimes amounts to chaos in the mind of the passionate and overflowing mind of the ENFP.

This will often lead to intense, natural chemistry, and long, intellectual, rambling conversations.

The INTJ approaches with their focus on depth of a particular subject, while the ENFP applies their broad understanding of other areas, seemingly tangentially related.

More proactive types, such as ENTJs, might even consider the INTJ a bit lazy or apathetic.

Of course, INTJs would be the first to tell you that how we define lazy is entirely relative.

If the ENFP cannot give the INTJ the space they need, and if the INTJ cannot make the effort to listen to and understand the thoughts of the ENFP, the relationship will break down. If you’re an INTJ who is tired of general self-improvement advice and who wants specific, tailor-made suggestions on how to optimize your life, you should check it out.

As an INTJ, you need to know about how an INTJ ENFP relationship could be the most meaningful thing to ever happen to you. The dominant function of both an INTJ and an ENFP is Intuition, Introverted and Extraverted respectively.

But first, we need to understand why finding an ENFP partner could change your life forever. This allows both to come together in a way where they can easily understand each other, because they fundamentally perceive the world in the same intuitive way.

The auxiliary and tertiary functions are also shared, albeit in a separate order.

The INTJ will be more aware of their preference for patterns, logic and structure, whereas the ENFP will be more in touch with their feelings and emotions. Both INTJ and ENFP have the same deep perception of life and reality, but they deal with their perceptions in similar ways, with a slighter greater or lesser focus on emotions and reason.

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