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Has anyone else experienced this, and what could be some alternative workarounds? There are very specific things that you have to do to reproduce the problem. Obviously, one is to convert the chart sheet to a worksheet and embed the chart in the new worksheet. In a new workbook, create two worksheets (Sheet1 & Sheet2). The following example activates embedded chart 1 on worksheet 1 and then sets the chart type and title.Notice that after the embedded chart has been activated, the code in this example is the same as that in the previous example. I am using VBA and copyfromrecordset to move data from an SQL Server database (as an ADO recordset) to a worksheet (let's say it is called "Sheet2").However, the process fails when the "current" active object in the workbook is a chart sheet (say, "Cht_Scatter") at the start of the procedure, even if I use a fully-qualified range to a worksheet in the workbook to invoked copyfromrecordset.How do I highlight row and column of active cell with Excel VBA Macro. Screen Updating = False ' Clear the color of all the cells Cells. Color Index = 0 ' Highlight the active cell Target. Screen Updating = False With Active Cell ' Highlight the row and column within the current region Range(Cells(.

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Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) 'Step 1: Declare Variables Dim str Range As String 'Step2: Build the range string str Range = Target.

Address 'Step 3: Pass the range string to a Range Range(str Range).

I am required to create many charts on excel because I have many sets of numbers. Set Source Data Source:=rng End Sub Option Explicit Public Sub Test() Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Set wb = This Workbook Set ws = wb.

The chart-sheet name is shown on the workbook tab for the chart.

You can use the Name property of the Chart Object object to set or return the chart name.

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