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"I think many people are ready and looking for greater quality in their lives." So naturally, because many men are basically trash online (a phrase that can get one banned from Facebook), my immediate thoughts when entering the world of Pleaze Me would be how it would handle the inevitable harassment that would come from an anonymous user base. You can view this in it's entirety when you login to your account on Pleaze Me," said Montgomery via email.With Pleaze Me having a female founder, I would think that Montgomery would take content moderation very seriously in helping to keep the platform enjoyable and not a den of hell like all other social media. "Pleaze Me is dedicated to supporting the user experience and has built in tools to assist us in identifying a number of community and legal concerns." She then identified a few features such as voyeur mode, that allows a user to simply float and view; friends, which means only friends can see your status updates; private messaging, that can only be engaged between friends; blocking and unfriending, available at any time; abuse reporting, also available at any time.Future features include allowing users to turn-off comments on their posts.She also attached an excerpt from the Terms of Use that highlights the laundry list of bad behavior that would get a user banned fairly quickly. There is something already calming about Pleaze Me.Now, you no longer send Facebook messages via the regular app, but this specialized messenger-only app.And today, even if you don’t have Facebook, you can still download the app and use your phone number to join.While that might hold some truth, they could just be finding intimacy and discussion online (though not on Tumblr anymore) rather than with their partner.Since this isn't a therapy session, let's just say that Pleaze Me offers the latter through a colorful and structured environment.

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Pleaze Me is a good place to start, a sexual social media utopia.We use Facebook all the time that we never really take a moment to think about what are the dangers of using Facebook and its associated app.Did you know about all the privacy and security-related issues?“Healthy relationships with ourselves, with others and with sexuality increases our quality of life," said Founder/CEO Heather C.Montgomery who created Pleaze Me to challenge the status quo as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and as well as society, especially for women. We have a community guidelines as part of our Terms of Use.

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