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Maybe, when it comes to online dating, ignorance leads to bliss.Here’s something to think about: If Tinder — the increasingly popular online dating app — had been around in another era, would Romeo have found Juliet, or would she have swiped left?Anyone who has “tindered” before knows that it’s easy to fall into the soothing swiping rhythm, with repetitive swipes left and right, as if it were a game — except that real people are swiping you back.

This is a perk that gay users have come to appreciate as well.Tinder was just this funny but also kind of exciting and socially acceptable thing I could do, and with low expectations,” says Erin, who lives in Minneapolis and met her boyfriend when they both swiped right.Even online dating veterans crave the serendipity of meeting a partner “organically,” without the comparison-shopping pressure to determine whether he or she is soul-mate material.Webb, who recently gave a about her strategic approach to online dating, has gotten 1,300 e-mails in the last week — 80 percent of which, she estimates, are from “people agonizing over what to put in their profile.” When the profile goes away, so does much of the stress.“I wasn’t really open to the idea of strangers (or even worse, friends) coming across an online profile with me describing in depth,” says a 26-year-old woman who lives in Brooklyn.

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