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Sometimes you feel blue for no reason whatsoever and you have nobody who listen to you moan about your life. Anonymous chatrooms are a great way of letting go of your reservations and opening up to new people.

Many of you must be stuck in the same endless loops of conversations with the same old people for years at end. Bob wants to talk about his crappy marriage and Ana would not stop talking about her latest plastic surgery.

We will definitely discuss your idea of introducing separate chat rooms with the team and see what happens, thank you again and have a good luck with your work but don't forget to chitchat in chitter every now and then ;) This app is cool and I like how you can’t send pictures (at least I don’t think you can) because then you don’t get pictures you don’t wanna see.

But this app should have an option for you to put in your age/ the age you wanna talk to because I don’t wanna get matched with people who are a completely different age then me.

Everyone on Talkwith Stranger is only a stranger until you haven’t gathered the courage to strike up a conversation.

There are so many people online who are looking for new people to talk to, new minds to pick, and new conversations to start. You are in control of how you want to present yourself to other people who are available in the chat rooms. What you choose to put there about yourself is totally on you.

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