Free unmonitored webcams

A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. He said it was like a common thing to get drunk and watch people shoplift and shit.

From the safety of my bedroom, I could watch other people without them ever realizing what I was doing. Maybe this time I could find out where this house was. I was creeped out beyond my mind looking at these cameras again. It was scary, goes without saying cover any camera that is connected to a comp or phone or the internet.

But there was something so exciting about this forbidden spying. The TV in the living room was very similar to mine.

From the hallway camera, you could see a little of the kitchen in the background. I felt a rush of excitement, followed by a chill on my neck down through my spine. It was always night when I browsed these cameras, but the footage was always visible.

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