Friendships dating book circles

If adult coloring, makeup, cooking, or binge-watching Netflix is your thing, you can find others by typing in those keywords, preceded by the number sign.Likewise, when you post your own thoughts and photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make sure you use a hashtag so others can find you.If you enjoy reading books, knitting, watching movies, traveling, or indulging in spa treatments in your spare time, there are specific groups tailored to your hobbies, ethnicity, and even your job or college major.In addition, if you're the outgoing type or your passion isn't currently represented on the platform, feel free to start your own group for members to join.Whether you're a recent transplant to a new town, or you're interested in adding a few fresh faces to your inner circle, there are some practical things you can do to make (and keep) friends as an adult. Think of it as Tinder for female friends, where you view someone's profile to determine whether you need to swipe left to pass on connecting, or swipe right to send a virtual "hello" to a potential match.

Better yet, form a book club with your neighbors or your new friends from Hey! And we know just the perfect book that should be your first pick: Oprah's The next time you take your furry companion out for a walk, make the rounds at a dog park.This takes the pressure off meeting complete strangers, since you already have something in common: a love for four-legged animals.Observe which pets your dog takes a liking to, and start a conversation with their owners.If you're following someone who posts great photos or shares funny tweets, reply and engage with that person by asking questions.After all, who doesn't like reading positive compliments?

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