From dating to inner mongolia

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman told The Telegraph that consular staff had visited the group to provide assistance and have requested further clarification from the Chinese authorities about the reasons behind their current detainment.

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Shameel Joosub, CEO of Vodacom whose uncle and aunt Hoosain and Tahira Jacobs and brother Salim Aziz Joosub are still facing unspecified charges, said the group had been watching a documentary about Genghis Khan in their hotel room.

Family members are extremely worried and want finality on the issue." Mr Sooliman suggested that the group, who are mostly Muslim, may have been watching prayer videos in their hotel rooms.

Two of those still in custody are Hossain Ismail Jacobs, 72, a former member of the ANC’s armed wing which fought apartheid, and his wife Tahira, 67, who have dual South African-British nationality and a house in Hounslow, West London.

They were told that police were investigating possible links to a banned group, and accused them of watching “propaganda films” in their hotel rooms.

Nine people continue to be held in custody and a statement reportedly released by the Chinese authorities on Wednesday suggests they could soon be charged with criminal offences.

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