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The three of you decided to have a mini movie marathon with the movies picked by the twins and you on soda and snacks (although you were against alcoholic drinks, you bought some red wine for your friends).

After two movies, the twins became drowsy and they both left for bed early.

No matter how many times a day Francis would harass her, she would always blush.

“Ohonho“You are possibly the laziest bastard I have ever met.” Heracles Karpusi opens his olive-hued eyes idly to meet a pair of (e/c) ones.

Walking up behind you, France wrapped his arms around your waist.“Tiens, why don’t we let ___ decide hm? ” Greece smiled and licked your cheek.“That’s a wonderful idea. Sleeping with a Greek can be rather exhausting.” France scoffed.“Rather, you can see why the French are the champions of love making oui?Pericles (circa 495-429 BCE) was the most prominent and influential Greek statesman and orator during the Golden Age of Athens.In 461, he became the ruler of Athens, a role he would occupy until his death.During his leadership, he built the Acropolis and the Parthenon and led Athens' recapture of Delphi, the siege on Samos, and the invasion of Megara. Quotations from Pericles: In my view, we’d do well to stick this last quotation on our refrigerators and read it every day.Socrates (circa 469—399 BCE) was a classical Greek philosopher and is considered one the founders of Western logic and philosophy.

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