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The company closed its factory in 1983 though the company exists to this day.

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The guitar in fact belonged to Al Casey, who was one of the session players on that show.I had been looking for one of these since before I added the original page years ago about the one Elvis used in 1968. Unfortunately someone had previously installed Humbuckers on it and cut up the pickup holes to fit them.They weren't asking a whole lot of money for the guitar as it was so I decided to buy it and take my chances locating appropriate parts for it.Al said "the producer came to the studio players asking if anyone had something flashy that Elvis could use, that he thought it would make a better shot if he was playing something.I had the Hagstrom in my instrument trunk and offered it." Hagstrom, a company from lvdalen, Sweden that primarily exported accordions since 1925 began building and exporting guitars in the 1950s, mainly to the USA.

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