Hairy men dating

The reality is a whole lot closer to a blunt Bic, copious squirts of shower gel in place of shaving foam and the kind of arm-busting workout normally reserved for the gym.

The good news is that with a hairy man at your side offering nods of sympathy when your stubble-lined pins make their first outing, everything becomes more bearable.

Who needs Ann Summers when you and your hairy man can play king and queen of the jungle any time you like?

Your ‘haven’t worn since 2001’ leopard print number his au natural pecs = a whole lotta sexy!

According to science, men with hairy chests are the perfect combination of brains AND brawn.

Why not be what you are and possess the object of your beauty? At first it was a turn off, but then seeing how well dressed he is, and seeing how full his hair is on his head, I totally warmed up to it. LOL Now if a man has 100% body hair everywhere, in masses, but not a single hair on his head....that's another article there. LOLA nurse friend told me I have it all wrong - that her dh, with tons of red hair everywhere, and all over his back, was like a cute fuzzy sweater.If your grizzly man doesn't want to trim the hedges, there's honestly not a lot you can do.Presumably, this was a preexisting condition when you were first attracted to him and you knew that you were getting into a hairy situation.The hairy-chested man’s response to this metrosexual trend? Aidan Turner, Bradley Cooper, Henry Cavill, Jake Gyllenhall, Hugh Jackman and Pierce Brosnan are just some of the male celebs embracing what evolution gave them – a chest full of deliciously strokeable hair. Few things are as real as a woman’s daily battles with a shaver.Those Venus Gillette adverts with smooth-legged wonder women skipping along the beach have a lot to answer for.

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