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Everyone has that friend, the one who dates guys that leave the rest of you scratching your heads.He’s clearly not good enough for her, so why the hell would she even look at him?They may think that everything you do is hopelessly outdated.But even as they push for independence, they're afraid of losing the safety of family.Also see the new “Relationship Quiz: True Love or True Loser?”, which may help you to identify and highlight experiences of concern within your relationship.You can simply feel good about yourself in comparison to him. You date losers because you truly, honestly, don’t believe that you can do better. The problem is, it’s one thing to know this and quite another to fix it. You can bend over backwards trying to rescue this guy, but the only person who can save him is… Dating someone based on what you hope and wish he will become does not work! You’re settling and telling yourself some fairy tale about how it’ll all be better in the future. Figure it out so you can break the co-dependency pattern. There’s a reason for that, and if you’re dating the right guy, you’ll never have any competition no matter how many other girls are interested. When you have the money, the good job, the car, the ambition – well, you hold the reins.

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Your child may be just as confused as you are about what's going on. Although this is normal behavior for most tweens, it's not fun for the parent who's constantly being criticized.Funny how there’s never any concrete evidence of it. Are you content and satisfied with everything, or do you need to push yourself to do better? The scary thing about a mature, grown-up, confident man is that he won’t rely on you the way you think he should. Your deluded, insecure perception of what a relationship should be is the problem.With a loser, you aren’t required to make any tough self-observations. There you are, ready and waiting to turn him into an improved specimen. He’ll resent you for not accepting him the way he is, and you’ll resent him for not becoming a better man because he cares about you. Instead of accepting the guy the way he is, you see what he could someday be. If you want someone who depends on you for everything, there’s some twisted stuff going on below the surface. This is convenient, for sure, but doesn’t it make you wonder why? It doesn’t make you a genius to date him just because you can be sure you won’t have any competition.He may not have much going for him, but he sure is a good time. Admit it — it’s difficult dating a guy who has his act together on a higher level than you do.Also, he’s always swearing that he’s trying to do better and up his game. Still, it feels good when a guy is constantly singing your praises. Of course he respects your ambition and applauds your success – he desperately needs a sugar mama! It constantly forces you to reexamine your choices and your place in life.

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