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To select or edit a primary contact for an opportunity, follow the steps below: 4.Hover over the name of the existing primary contact and click the 'X' to the right. You will see a pop-over appear confirming what you'd like to do. Say, I were to delete or combine a few pages, should I resubmit a sitemap to the relevant Webmaster Tools, or is it OK to just update the human-readable page onsite?I’m wondering if it’s sufficient enough for Google Bot to crawl in terms of updating for SERPs as well when doing a site:search for pages that are indexed to gain an understanding of what pages haven’t been crawled.When the update is complete, the progress dialog shows a summary of the number of items updated, added, removed, conflicted, etc. This summary information can be copied to the clipboard using .

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The Update operation otherwise matches unrelated requirements and displays more differences in document versions than actually exist.

Click 'Remove.' Now Meredith is the primary contact simply because she was second on the list and moved to first. To re-add the previous contact as a secondary contact, click the ' ' to the right of the primary contact. Enter the name of the contact in the 'Add Contact' line and add the existing contact or create a new user if they're not in the system yet.

In this example, Meredith is still the primary contact because she's listed first. Because of the order in which we entered him, he is no longer the primary contact.

projects referenced using error messages when you try to commit them!

If you want to undo changes to a file and start afresh from an earlier revision, you can rollback to a previous revision from the revision log dialog.

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