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Hinata accidently turns Naruto into a fox and has to take care of him.

Naru Hina, this is my first fanfic, rating is T just to be safe.

And it just so happens to land in a random high school. The fate of the world rests in the vaginas of three "fruits", who conveniently happen to be school girls.

Hinata has finally gathered her confidence to ask Naruto out on a date..of.However, today will be a strange beginning for two lives.Chapter 1: An Unusual Training Day."Man I can't wait to get back to village; I have been waiting to get my ramen forever." Said Naruto; grinning from ear to ear."Geez, Naruto you are not going to live that long if you just keep eating ramen." Said Sakura looking at Naruto with her eyebrow raised. *Bug Fixed* Update: I've made the graphics better at parts and my site has been launched. We made this game to immitate/sattarise the dating games of this style where you answer questions etc.Please check it out at you find out about the sequel there and there is also a complete guide for this game. Yes, there will be a sequel and is currently being worked on, its looking great and will be a lot longer and better!!! Keep your eyes open for clues to help you answer the final test and get the 3 endings.

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