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The disadvantage is the level of service can be rushed and mercenary.One of the worst hooker experiences I’ve ever had was off Saigon wechat, more on that below. Also in Vietnam hookers are sometimes escorted by some thug guy on meth who waits downstairs in the bushes in case anything goes wrong.

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She asked my name, hotel and room number and there was a knock on my door in 15 mins.Obviously a bad idea because now they have no incentive to give good service but Vietnam hookers insist.Maybe you can get away with just showing the money, then putting it back in your wallet. She unwraps a condom and tries to put it on my dick when I’m not even hard yet.Zalo app is the same thing, the Vietnam version of Wechat / Line.In Thailand some Line users can scan around themselves too, but only certain phones seem to get that feature.

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