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Ok Cupid’s homepage includes an endorsement that it is the Google of online dating, but in actuality it is not the Google of online dating.

It is the Bing: There are seemingly limitless results, but rarely are they what you’re looking for.

Sparkology also said its team worked with professors at “major universities” to develop a behavioral algorithm that helps users find their match based on their actions.

The problems with dating apps, particularly for straight women, are well-documented.For a site that claims to “adamantly support the modern lady and gentleman” with its innovative structure, it’s the most retrograde form of online dating I’ve seen.Take, for example, Sparkology’s subscription system. Women pay a monthly fee, whereas men pay each time they message a woman and can only send a certain number of messages per month.I eventually stopped opening messages from senders whose picture or opening line didn’t appeal to me, only to receive multiple emails from Sparkology reminding me about the messages “patiently waiting” in my inbox.“Our qualified men pay to start a conversation, and these men would love to get to know you better,” they read.

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