Interracial dating for teens

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In each interview, the parents stated that they desired that their children befriend other adolescents of different races, but have different issues with their own teen dating outside their own race.The mother actually jests, as an example, the “silky, straight hair” that “white girls” have can be achieved, through straightening, to resemble a “white girl”.Cooper’s study highlights some of the concerns and issues that parents have with their teen dating outside of their ethnicity.As aforementioned, in America’s checkered and jaded past, interracial dating and marriage was viewed as a “black and white” issue: basically if someone were to date and marry someone outside their own race it would go against the grain of social and/or legal prohibitions.In modern days, even though interracial marriage is no longer outlawed, parents that are U. citizens as well as immigrants still are uncomfortable, question, or straight-out prohibit their adolescent son or daughter dating outside their own race.

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