Invalidating stale software suspend images

* GUI RPC: add "project_dir" field to PROJECT struct. If the user has not taken that step virtual box throws a warning that looks like an error.

GUIs can look for image files (stat_icon etc.) in this directory. Also, replace get_project_dir() with a memoized member function of PROJECT. This caused vboxwrapper to believe that the VM had failed to start.

Since we do not know of any VM enabled problem that needs to communicate with an external USB device, just disable the feature entirely.

* VBOX: Start keeping track on incompatible versions of Virtual Box.

- Due to the Open CL detection, your screen may flicker or turn off temporarily. REMINDER TO ALL ALPHA TESTERS: It's far easier for the developers to fix problems when you send message logs with the appropriate flags set.

* Mac: update build instructions for GIT instead of SVN.

- Expect work failures, deadline misses and losing all your accumulated work in progress, or not getting credit for your work due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances.

- Only use it when you are willing to participate in the Alpha test program and do not mind sending (bug) reports in to the developers on the email list specially assigned for this purpose.

* VBOX: Adjust the set_cpu_usage() and set_network_usage() function prototypes to use ints and handle the preference conversion in the calling function.

* VBOX: Set the minimum CPU usage value to 5%, if for some reason somebody chooses 0% (on purpose or bug) Virtual Box goes nuts.

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