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In addition to his many bedrooms scenes, there has been much conjecture about a future scene in which Mr.Jonas may appear completely naked.“Your body is a healthy thing to be comfortable about,” he said.Jonas dutifully made the rounds required of a 22-year-old newly minted sex symbol.At the behest of Ryan Seacrest, he sneaked up from behind a fan to sing a brief a cappella rendition of “Jealous,” the first single from his current self-titled album.A recent article in the NYU Local, a college newspaper, accused Mr.

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“But in this era where people’s attention span is zero, if everyone stops and thinks about what you’re doing, you’re doing it right.”Mr.Jonas approached his two older brothers about disbanding the Disney-rock trio so he could go solo.“In the past, there was certainly less freedom,” he said.“I wasn’t able to be as vocal about certain things.”Meanwhile, Joe Jonas, 25, seems to be concentrating on a possible career in fashion, regularly turning up at fashion shows and even working briefly as a fashion blogger for New York magazine, while Kevin Jonas, 27, has gone the reality-TV career route, appearing in an episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” as a house contractor and signing on to be on next season’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.”For Nick Jonas, striking out on his own meant ditching Christian guitar riffs for a flirty soul-pop sound injected with body-positive bravado.He also stopped by BPM, a gay club in Hell’s Kitchen, where he unbuttoned his shirt entirely while Levi Karter, an adult-film star, danced in his underwear alongside him.At one point, he even tweeted, “I love my gay fans.”His courting of gays has sparked some debate.

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