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Well, they are the reason that we watch the shows at the end of the day.They are the ones whose job it is to make us believe that the script they are delivering is for real, and for that reason they deserve our tribute after all of these years.It’s been 13 years since the highly nostalgic series finale of JAG came around, and for that reason we believe it’s time to reflect on all of the show’s characters that we know and love so much.What have the cast members been up to this whole time?More recently, she’s taken part in the Netflix comedy series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, in the role of Burkhart.

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It goes without saying that for any good production you need a team of all star players, and when it comes to television, the writers are important, the directors are crucial, and the actors and actresses are…

Before portraying Harm on JAG, David had already starred in a leading role in the drama series Street Legal, and had several other parts – but never one quite as prominent as his role in JAG.

Years after the show, David James Elliott is still mostly recognized for his role as Harm.

Let’s give a bit of a background of the show, for those who may be less well versed in it’s history.

The initials JAG actually stand for Judge Advocate General, and it essentially represents what the show is about – criminal activity and it’s correction by our justice system.

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