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Newly added below are summaries of the episodes of "Fan Friction" (Episodes 1-8), hosted by Jack Shipley; "Gamer Fights", hosted by Matt Raub; and "Movie Games", hosted by Jeremy Jahns.

"Movie Fights", typically hosted by Andy Signore, typically featured debates between three other people outside of Screen Junkies, such as other You Tube reviewers, on various movie-related questions.

However, he clarified that he was joking when Nick got his first point in question 4.

FINAL Movie Fights Standings Rankings have been determined first by Win Percentage.If they still remain tied, they are given the same ranking and put into alphabetical order.For the purpose of rankings, team fights and elimination tournaments (San Diego Comic-Cons, Wizard World Chicago, Last Fighter Standing, and Debut Deathmatches) have been removed from consideration." .***Hal and Michael each scored 4 points, but Hal was incorrectly determined to be tied with Mike Carlson at the end of question 8, so Hal and Mike went into a Tie Breaker.However, Mike should have won at the end of question 8, while Hal and Michael should have tied each other. (11-9-14) .*Although jokingly, Andy said Nick got a negative point for the first question.

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