Lawyers dating judges

Some common activities that a judge is responsible for include: In the case of trial judges, the judge has the responsibility for instructing a jury, if one is chosen, and for making decisions regarding what evidence is admissible and what parties may testify.

However, in a serious criminal trial, it is the jury, not the judge, who renders a verdict.

Since this is true in every case, in becomes clear that judges cannot be changed all the time based on matters of personal preference.

It can be very difficult to have a change granted if a party to the case waits until proceedings are well underway.

The American Board of Certification is proud to list the following judges who are certified in the designated areas.

Each of these judges gained certification as a practicing lawyer before being elevated to the bench, and has retained ABC's certification since. Date Initially Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law: 09/28/1993Date Initially Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law: 09/28/1993 The Honorable Stephen D.

The procedure for changing judges will be based on which set of laws applies.

Different states have different laws, and, for federal matters, there are also different types of courts which will have their own procedures.

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