Liquidating trust 2016

David's badge and the diamond-tipped drill are catalogued in the Evidence Management building where he and Jim used to work.

HERO Liquidating Trust On December 2, 2016, the Debtors’ Modified Joint Prepackaged Chapter 11 Plan (Incorporating Mediation Settlement) of Hercules Offshore, Inc. Under the Plan, holders of the common stock as of December 2, 2016 will receive, subject to certain conditions, their pro-rata share of the Rejection Shareholder Cash Distribution and Wind-Down Entity Interests in the HERO Liquidating Trust.

Whilst the film lost it's way in the last 20-30 minutes it still held it's self well as a solid B movie, with many different twists and turns thrown at the viewer it was very hard to predict how it was going to end.

Enraged, Jim threatens David at gunpoint, forcing him to open the safe and unload the valuables.

In The Trust he is at his wackiest, this dark comedy thriller has him playing a deluded corrupt cop who has a plan to pull of a massive heist with his buddy cop played by Elijah Wood who has no idea of Cage's plan. Despite this film getting below average reviews I still dived in and watched it, and I wasn't disappointed, this film managed to exceed the low expectations I went in with.

Surprisingly Cage and Wood had really good chemistry on screen together, the humor worked well when it was used and managed to get a few cheap laughs out of me.

Later, David sees two vans following him and he notices the phone number advertised on the back of one of them as the same number the hostage called earlier.

Despite identifying himself as a police officer, David is shot dead by men in the vans, who rescue the woman.

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