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This castle exceeded our expectations in every way – a true live example of how medieval castles and life were like back then.It is actually the most complete medieval fortress in Ireland dating back to the 1425, and even back then it was built on an old Viking Camp that dates back to the year 970.

This inclusive park contained an accurate recreation of a village back then in a rural setting including farmhouses, a church, an old school and so much more.

Apart from the Banquet at the Knappogue Castle that we attended there are more options available: Bunratty Medieval Banquet You can end your tour of the Bunratty Castle with a splendid medieval banquet where noble lords liver and have a night full of fun, fine food and wine!

For two and a half hours, you can watch a kilted piper play traditional tunes, relish in the cozy candle-lit bench-seating that replicates the medieval experience perfectly, and enjoy the night of endless medieval festivities.

The history is actually one of the most famous things about the pub – Durty Nelly was supposedly a real person who used to provide comfort and assistance to the travelers and was the keeper of the toll bridge.

The warm welcome that is talked about over and over in the story is still felt until today thanks to general atmosphere with the live music in the background and the special meals.

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