Luann lesseps dating while married

Turns out Tom cheated on her with his old girlfriend after the couple had an argument.The pair had tied the nuptial knot only seven months earlier New Year's Eve of 2016 in a wedding ceremony at the ' Well, it was not the first time she had exchanged the marriage vows or had seen the divorce papers.on New Year’s Eve in a lavish “half-million” dollar wedding in Miami, Fl, however some guests gripe that Luann and Tom requested last-minute tacky gifts.The big news however is that guests dished that Bravo cameras were nowhere to be found!And for now that love is strong.“We’re a discombobulated Housewives family.At the same time, we are family, you know what we mean?I was calling her out.”CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE!Luann de Lesseps will let no one rain on her happiness!

She got married on New Years Eve and was divorced from Tom D’Agostino before Christmas, and now she’s once again starting over.Last season Bethenny Frankel tearfully exposed Luann de Lesseps‘ fiancé of one minute of cheating, but Luann scoffs that was just Bethenny “projecting her own failed marriage” onto Luann’s perfect, amazing, super blissful, fabulous, happiness! So, like, Luann is projecting her self-described perfect happiness onto Bethenny’s scorn, to cover-up that maybe Tom D’Agostino actually a cheater, while Bethenny is simultaneously projecting her belief that marriages fail onto Luann’s insistence that marriages work. No – it doesn’t, but I need a side-job writing Housewives-related questions for the SAT Test.According to a guest, the Real Housewives Of New York star had requested donations made to charities in lieu of wedding gifts, but two days prior to the event guests were sent an email suggesting they instead donate to a Go Fund Me campaign for an ill relative’s medical expenses. Luann de Lesseps is officially a married woman again! As planned, the former Countess tied the knot with Tom D’Agostino Jr. Naturally Luann had plenty of Housewives, past and present, as guests, but none of her Real Housewives Of New York co-stars, except for Dorinda Medley who was a bridesmaid.Luann’s road to the altar has been anything but blissful, however, the soon-to-be-former-countess has been anything but a bridezilla. Andy Cohen is playing another round of “Ask Andy.” This time the questions centered around Real Housewives reunions, and Luann de Lesseps‘ upcoming New Year’s Eve wedding to the always controversial Tom D’Agostino!

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