Lxchat simulation

Overigens ben ik van mening dat de Commissie haar arrogante minachting voor dit Parlement moet afleggen en de benoemingsprocedure voor een nieuwe secretaris-generaal moet overdoen.

Es geht deshalb darum, dass die demokratische Gesellschaft entscheidet, nach welchen Regeln die Infrastruktur unserer Informationsgesellschaft funktioniert. Facebook is terecht onder vuur komen te liggen, want een vragenlijst van Cambridge Analytica verzamelde persoonsgegevens. So it takes a European response, which means that no Member State can do it on its own before a giant in the internet, like Facebook, but also legal, binding and effective law. The European Commission must take initiative: I think that clearly there are systemic issues related to data protection. Clearly there are criminal issues which concern Facebook ethically, but there is also a question of a business model. Our democracies are being stolen by companies who use psychological techniques designed for situations of military conflict to sow division in our societies and distort electoral outcomes to the benefit of the rich and powerful. Those who think that the naive arguments for freedom of speech are sufficient imagine the media landscape as a fairy tale world of Hansel and Gretel, but the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows us that the forest is full of wolves. Obviously, we are horrified with what happened with Cambridge Analytica — especially being a British MEP in the aftermath of Brexit and what this means we will be looking into.

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