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Her eyes went wide and she immediately reached up to cover herself back up but as she looked toward me, I smiled at her encouragingly and fanned myself over how "hot" she was being.

Maisie bit her lip and then dropped her hand, leaving her breast out in the open for everyone to see. Maisie danced around, admittedly looking quite hot with her breast completely exposed and bouncing.

You HAVE TO be a slut." I helped lift her drink to her mouth.

"You need to be the biggest slut in Hollywood." I tipped the glass, forcing her to drink faster.

Chloe Grace Moretz lay on the couch to her left, facing away from Keke.

From her vantage point, Keke could see all of Chloe's long legs extending out from the hem of her black and gold dress.

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From her position on the floor she gazed at the other two girls in the room while she took a sip of her Jack and Diet.

Unbeknownst to her, I already spoke with the bartender and he had been watering down my drinks and double-pouring hers.

"You'll never be able to just get what you want with only your looks but like Cersei says, a woman's body is her weapon.

Use it to get what you need." "Wouldn't that, like, make me a slag though? " Maisie said taking a small gulp of her strong drink.

"Mais, if you want to succeed, you can't be like me.

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