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Cara Maria used to despise him, for example, but after the last challenge they’re now best friends, so something’s changing. I thought from a viewing standpoint, it was fantastic. It also seems like a bad idea to date people on , but you again seem to avoid drama. I have a different way of handling my showmances than these other guys.

I saw you on and I remember that you were paired up with a woman who was lagging behind, and you just kindly sat there, waiting for her. How do you not talk about that the next day at the water cooler? It’s with fucking padded mittens, because you have to be very, very delicate. Speaking of showmances, what happened with you and Robin Hibbard?

sat down, waited patiently, and seemed perfectly comfortable with the idea that a win was no longer within his grasp.

When asked for a lens into this memorable moment and his always-respectful temperament, said he has his parents to thank for his admirable character.

That night I was laying there trying to go to bed and thought, “I almost fucking died today, and that would’ve been a terrible day.” Then, in true MTV fashion, Eric Nies and I hosted and they asked us to skydive in tuxedos. Are there points where you want to say, “No way.” They’re not “unsafe,” but I don’t think they truly test how a cast member would actually perform.

For instance, we did in Jamaica, and they had these roller coasters that were taken off the track and set in the grass.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Johnny, but he shows up and puts in the work. We are actually in the process of doing another project outside of the challenge. Do you think it’s an evil move or it’s just part of the game?

If you’re going to complain about him being on the show multiple seasons then rally a group to kick him off. If you watched him on and the way he spoke to the women on the island, it’s sexist. It would be a lot harder to analyze it if Sarah hadn’t previously [wronged him] on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II. Production was looking at the cast members like, “Please jump in and help because we do not want to lose a cast member to fists.” I’ll give some credit to the editing as well. But much like Johnny on , you have to give people the benefit of growing up.

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The problem with the challenges is that even if your relationship or showmance was three years prior, people identify you with each other [far into the future].It just kind of felt like this is where I was supposed to be. I’m sure they would want me to have a more structured lifestyle, but I’m hoping that the time I’ve invested in this city will pay through what I really enjoy doing, which is producing, hosting, etc . I have no idea [why they didn’t make it], but I remember that we shot the pilot in Catalina Island.I flew out from Florida and I was up to be the new roommate when Puck got kicked out of the pilot and how it would be better for my active lifestyle.That’s where Robin is.” People still ask me about Kit [Hoover] from .I thought you were a really good host of the MTV Challenge Aftershows, and the hosts they have now are terrible. I did it for seven seasons but like anything else, they’re like, “Oh, we’re going to [change it up].” And I’m like, “good luck with that,” especially since they chose someone who wasn’t even on the show. He knows the deal.” Take me behind the scenes of the show.

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