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You could not get the same out of a course that wasn’t this direct and deliberately intense.This course will expand you as an actor and as a person.I have been recalled, short listed and been offered many roles because of it.I am feeling a new confidence within myself and my work as an actor.

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Method is all about harnessing the powerful muscle of the unconscious and channelling it into the role or text, this course is specifically designed to aid that journey and ignite those impulses.

Since 2002 we have been expanding and adding to our London acting school working to combine the classical with the more contemporary techniques, the likes of Lee Strasberg.

We have fine-tuned a roster of processes and techniques that aid the creative successes of beginners and professionals alike.

They will guide you through the means and examples of how to put Method/Voice/ Movement into your work.

As it deals with the totality of your potential as an actor, it is the heart of our program, this four-week intensive course aims to engage and challenge you as an actor to build upon the creative muscles that can bring real depth to your acting by unlocking a greater flow of your thoughts, impulses & emotion in your work.

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