Masturbation chat bot

The tip was bright purple and swollen, glistening with pre-cum. To feel that sweet relief of release.“Do you like my ass slave?

I was finally, after all these weeks, going to CUM. Female jerk off instructions has been known to drive slaves mad! Wank for me” I began wanking again, still crestfallen of how close I had been a too sweet relief “Faster slave.

” “Yes Mistress, It looks amazing” “Does it turn you on? I was going to be given jerk off instructions on cam and made to suffer for my orgasm. Now, gently stroke the shaft with your forefinger and middle finger. It’s p.p.p.p.perfect” I stammered “Oh, you sound like your struggling slave. I put a hand round her dick and wanked it furiously.

"With more than 8,000 nerve endings, it’s not a surprise that some people can find direct clitoral stimulation too much.

She had by now turned and her cleavage was right up close, so near I could almost touch it. I created a sensual feeling that only caused more aching and throbbing as my balls tightened. Put your fingers in your mouth and start wanking again” I began masturbating furiously. Faster, slower, fast, slow, alternating as her whim changed.

I was lost in a mixture of euphoria and desperation. “What you can do though is put your thumb and forefinger around my cock hear and start rolling them around and get lots and lots of precum on them” I did as she said. “Stop” I collapsed in a pathetic heap on the floor. I lay on the floor sobbing and crying pathetically. Again she had me wank as she wiggled her toes and rubbed her feet, running fingers through each toe and stroked her beautiful arches.

She wore a short black leather dress that hugged her body perfectly showing off her solid ass and was tight around her chest to properly display her bosom. On the count of three, I want you to VERY SLOWLY, wank my cock for ten strokes. Finally, I was going to be able to relieve some of the terrible pressure.

Her thigh high black leather boots glinted in the light as she stood with her hands on her hips and stared at me. I was desperate to stroke and wank it but I must wait for her commands.“Do you like my outfit slave? But her words told me that this would not allow me relief for a long time yet.

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