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Above all, the podcast focuses on great storytelling, with a fascination on fraud that might be… Follow the hosts @suesmith666 and @caitybrodnick Well hello!Caitlyn and Sue are both on the East Coast, reporting from their family homes, wrapped in blankets and soundproofing foam like the delicate, fragile angels they are.Find out which ruler was the disgrace of a nation, and what con artist used that to her advantage in a scam we are proud of! (We love garbage content.) Also what is Tik Tok and should Mackenzie be on it?We’re reading your emails, playing your calls, and talking about propaganda. She watched The Great Hack, the new Netflix documentary that analyzes Cambridge Analytica’s role in the 2016 election and the way in which they peppered propaganda into our newsfeeds, and has THOUGHTS. Trigger warning: this is an episode about feminism, Christianity, and a little bit of abuse.Listen, this episode is a mish mosh of lots of stuff. But Marm wasn’t the only boss lady at her school for aspiring thieves.We’re talking about bits and pieces of lots of little things. She couldn’t have done it without her second-in-command Sophie Lyons and, well, Sophie lived a wild one.

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One day she was snagging pocket watches, and the next she was building supportive housing for disadvantaged youth.First, Caity gives you a little update on super cool Swedish Sofia and her small sister, La Petit. Or is the government trying to conceal an international sex trafficking ring comprised of several foreign leaders?Then, Sue tells you all about how some psychopath who sells slime to hopeful adoptive families on Instagram. Then, Sue and Caity talk to Naomi Pallas from the BBC all about this emotional, slimy scammer. Sue and Caity explore some serious conspiracy theories on today’s episode. We deep dive into Sweden history and have never felt smarter! First, we’re catching up on Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s scammy wedding and livestream.He’ll tell you about ways to lightly get away with some tricks while playing cards (lightly!), how the casino scams you to stay longer and spend more money, and he’ll even talk about some legendary casino scammers.

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