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It works for toasting our Russian puppet government or for simply sipping on a spring day from a cool cup while you think about anything Ironically, the Moscow Mule is not of Russian descent.

It's a red-blooded American drink, cooked up in Los Angeles in 1941 at the Cock 'n' Bull bar by two men: one, the bar manager, and the other, a Smirnoff exec who wanted to sell vodka to Americans.

Stravinsky's genius for creative self-renewal led him from the revolutionary Rite of Spring to the severe neoclassicism of the Symphony in C and then, in an equally unpredictable metamorphosis, to the serial techniques of his arch-rival, Arnold Schoenberg.

Con- fronting Stravinsky probes the mystery of why Stravinsky remains recognizably Stravinsky despite astonishing stylistic diversity.

It's enough to need a drink, one that tastes damn good and comes ice cold, like it was leeched from a Siberian glacier.

(That, and the Bloody Mary.)The Moscow Mule's iconic copper mug came from the Cock 'n' Bull's idea factory as well. And through nearly 80 years—and a scare about copper mug poisoning—it's still the vessel in which bartenders serve up a Moscow Mule. For those who like their cocktails with more of a Southern vibe, or for those who just don't like vodka, a highly refreshing alternative to the Moscow Mule is the Kentucky Mule; just replace the vodka with bourbon.

And, in a nod to its Kentucky cousin, you garnish it with a sprig of mint.

The popularity of this drinking vessel is attributable to Martin, who went around the United States to sell Smirnoff vodka and popularize the Moscow mule.

Martin asked bartenders to pose with a specialty copper mug and a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, and took Polaroid photographs of them.

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