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No doubt Taylor Swift’s earrings are made in the finest Indian costume jewelry sweatshops.However to properly convey to the hopelessly depraved kuffar massed ..There is no denying that Taylor Swift is extremely proud of the fact that her once flat ass has become slightly rounder and plumper this year.

Of course it makes sense that Taylor would test the water modeling in her underwear, for with her latest album flopping spectacularly in the charts a career change is clearly in order. As you can see from the pics above and below, Taylor Swift appears to be launching a line of earrings, and she is marketing them with a completely nude photo shoot.Taylor Swift continues to be the topic of controversy in the infidel West…And not because she is on the verge of finally coming out as a lesbian (which she clearly is), but rather because “flat chester” conspiracy theoriest refuse to accept that Taylor has breast implants. Pop star Taylor Swift appears to have just had the fully nude screen capture of her pleasuring herself on Face Time released online.However she did once again display some blasphemous bare female ..Through the years Taylor Swift has become famous for her wild 4th of July lesbian orgies.

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