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Robert Mc Cann, executive director of the Tri-County Alliance, said mandatory kindergarten is an important discussion as interest grows in the education and business community in providing universal preschool access in Michigan schools.

The alliance, a coalition of education leaders comprised of superintendents from every district in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties, has not taken an official position on the bill."We know when kids are in the classroom, they're learning, and having them there sooner along with parental involvement in the schools sooner, can potentially be a step toward improving our reading scores and other measures," Mc Cann said.

In Michigan, children are required to begin school by age 6 under state law.

Kindergarten, which requires children to be be age 5 by Sept. Gill Elementary kindergarten teacher Jordan Holmes and her students compile data to make a bar graph of the number and type of pets owned by them in their class, Monday, Feb. According to state education data, last school year, 116,636 children were in kindergarten across Michigan. Bill Sowerby, D-Clinton Township, sponsor of the kindergarten bill, said research from the Legislative Service Bureau showed that about 95 percent of children attended kindergarten in Michigan the last five school years, but their attendance is spotty."These children, many attend three of the five days.

While attendance is high in kindergarten, it is the grade with the highest rate of retention among school children grades K-12 for the last five years, according to Michigan school data.

In the 2016-17 school year, the most recent year data is available, 12,548 children who completed their kindergarten year in Michigan were retained for another year of kindergarten. By comparison, only 2.4 percent of first-graders were held back that year.

Personally, I'm not in favor of mandating kindergarten," said Hornberger, who taught elementary art education for 20 years and had kindergarten classes for 18 years in the East China School District in St. We are working on some stuff with kindergarten with the third-grade reading law.

We need to put some things in place to get there in third grade."Among them, she said, is looking at how kindergarten is structured.

There are not a lot of 5-year-olds sitting at home and not going to school."State lawmakers should focus on improving early childhood education and provide more access to preschool, Parks said, because there are not enough spots for the people who want them. "Even families who enroll their child in kindergarten might think attendance is not important given that kindergarten is not mandatory anyway.Di Sessa said state education officials are reviewing Sowerby's bill and have taken no position on it yet.Discussing retention Amy Parks, an associate professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Michigan State University, said she doesn't see evidence that kids are being held out of kindergarten in Michigan."The truth is kindergarten it is widely adopted across the United States whether it is mandatory or not," she said.But several involved in the education of young children agree any push to mandate kindergarten should include more access or even a mandate for preschool.Randy Speck, superintendent of the Madison School District in Oakland County, said mandatory kindergarten makes sense when it's coupled with an equal amount of investment in quality, early childhood education."Having more kids in kindergarten is great, but having more kids prepared for kindergarten is even greater," Speck said.

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