One direction dating preferences

One Direction, minus Liam Payne, joined Sarah Powell when on heat radio recently.

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson talked about how they can go out in public without getting hassled, if they ever just want a break from it, having a desire to see family and friends while on tour, the best thing about being in the boy band, the reaction they get from girls, their dating status, Katy Perry reportedly having their dolls, their backstage routine, and more.

So, the three of you became a trio or more like a couple and a major pitied third-wheel, and this instance wasn't any different.

You and your friend hadn't known how to dance for a wedding and decided it would be fun to take some lessons. You didn't mind, or that's what you told yourself.

I'm keeping this lovely lady because she's doing an outstanding job." (Y/F/N) giggled and blushed over at you as you smiled back, giving a small chuckle.

We’ve had an amazing time this past few years and can’t wait to tour and stuff this year.”Asked if it ever gets crazy if they just want to go out to dinner, Louis said, “The only time it might become a problem is if everyone knows that you’re going to be at a certain place at a certain time.Your smile slightly faded, maneuvering your eyes away from the scene to look at (Y/F/N)'s eyes instead. " You asked, holding the door and moving to the side to let them in. You wouldn't let it go to waste, but you wouldn't exactly debut it now either."We wanted to know if you wanted to get food with us, but it seems you're busy..." Your friend says, voice trailing off as she picks up your lyrics laying scattered among the table, taking a seat next to your guitar. " You quickly ramble, crumbling the papers into a loose ball and throwing it behind your shoulder, hitting the wall lightly and falling to the floor. Louis: Your aunt was having her wedding soon and-considering you and your best friend were practically family-your aunt invited her too.He pulled you close and began to move as the instructor taught, earning a thumbs up from him."Hey, I know that (Y/F/N) and I have been going out for a few months now, but how do you feel about it? She's been keeping it to herself for a bit now, I'm guessing. " You stutter, mumbling but audible enough to be heard.

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