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However, to describe what these things really mean, I tend to have to go on side rants to explain why they don’t mean what people have been taught they do.I then have to provide the evidence and explain how they have been deceived into believing what they do and why.This may sound like the mainstream narrative at first glance for those that are at least somewhat knowledgeable about the mainstream narrative.Though it is mostly framed as good vs evil where the communists are put out of the spotlight off to the side as much as possible, and it isn’t hard to figure out who they want you to believe who the evil side was I imagine.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

I highly suggest watching that video by the way and sharing it with everyone you know.

I suppose Yuri’s point in that quote is akin to the adage never caste pearls before swine, a sentiment shared by all the ancient masters and texts that you will come to realize on your own if you have experience in dealing with mundanes, yet we all keep trying like fools.

This may seem like an odd introduction based on the title of this piece but all of these things are deeply intertwined and connected and to try to understand one without the other is pointless because you will never see the gestalt that is the grand arcanum. Number magic is based on the occult knowledge that every number in this material matrix is a cosmic energy that vibrates at a specific frequency serving a specific function within the matrix.

I have written quite a few articles already on the power of these numbers and the functions they serve.

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