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The relationship therefore is covert, lest they risk losing everything once things are put out in the open.Moral judgement has no place in such relationships.The harbor still serves a vital role as the entryway to the interior of East and Central Africa.The online photographs, which include landscapes, aerial photos, scenes of everyday life and images of the Sultan of Zanzibar, Sayyid Ali bin Hamud (who ruled from approximately 1901 until 1911) originate from two different sources — the Stereo Geographic File (Stereo copyrighted by Underwood & Underwood) and the Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection.At times the relationship can last for years, and other times it can be as short-lived as a week,” she says.

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Photos from the Matson Collection show aerial views of Mombasa harbor, which in the early 20th century, was sparsely populated with buildings despite its importance as a hub for trade in gold, ivory and human cargo, coming from the interior of the continent. The Matson Collection came to the Library of Congress from photographer Eric Matson, who had immigrated to the United States in 1946.The majority of the collection was donated in 1966 with additional photos arriving in 1970.The Home for the Aged of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Los Angeles, where Matson had been living, officially donated the collection to the Library of Congress in 1978.The Manuscript Division of the Library holds the papers of Eric and Edith Matson.This collection includes personal diaries, but the year of the Africa trip (1936) is not represented in those papers.

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